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Compliance Policy

Murakami Compliance Policy

We will achieve our corporate and management vision by following this policy and acting in its spirit

  • 1 We will be a reliable and socially responsible company by maintaining our commitment to healthy and ethical management.
  • 2 We will maintain the highest level of corporate transparency and will always communicate accurate information with timely and regular disclosures; we will lead society’s concept of good management.
  • 3 We will obey all the laws and follow all the regulations applicable to our business and company.  We will act fairly and honestly.  We are, and always will be, a company of the highest social morals.
  • 4 We recognize our role as a global citizen and will lead by always acting with the highest ethics.  We will contribute to the development of both the Japanese and the worldwide economies, and will advance all societies as we do so.
  • 5 We will hold these values sacred and will follow this policy at all times, prosperous or perilous.  We will never waiver in the face of threat and will always ensure the safe, happy, and virtuous lives of our people.