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1882 Kaimeido founded in Shichiken-cho, Shizuoka City.
Started manufacture of “Decorative Metallic Parts”.
1886 Received orders for metal hand-lamps for use during Tokaido Line railroad construction.
Started manufacture and sales of metal hand-lamps and sales of sheet- glass for construction.
1897 Started manufacture of mirrors by mercury baking.
1923 Became a special agent of ASAHI GLASS CO.,LTD.
1924 Started operations of a mirror-silvering and chamfering plant in Miyamoto-cho, Shizuoka City
1948 Murakami Kaimeido incorporated.
1958 Started business with TOYOTA MOTOR CORP.
1967 Opened the Fujieda branch (Fujieda City, Shizuoka prefecture) to expand rear-view mirror production.
Started business with MITSUBISHI MOTORS CORP.
1970 Divided the corporate organization into Glass division (located at headquarters) and a Rear-view mirror division (located at Fujieda), making each division independently responsible for its own material procurement, production, and sales.
1976 Started business with HONDA MOTOR CO., LTD.
1977 Opened its physical distribution center (Shizuoka).
1979 Started business with NISSAN MOTOR CO., LTD.
1982 Started business with SUZUKI MOTOR CORP.
1989 Expanded into the advanced glass industry (with the creation of the opt-electronics division) to meet needs in the optics market.
1990 Opened the Yaizu Plant in Yaizu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, to expand rear-view mirror production.
1991 Went public as an over-the-counter stock market.
1995 Listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
1996 Opened the Oigawa Plant in Fujieda City, Shizuoka Prefecture, to expand rear-view mirror production.
Set up MATCO (Thailand).
1999 Received QS9000 certification (mirror division).
2000 Set up MMUS (US).
2001 Set up MMT (Thailand).
Received ISO14001 certification
Set up MHK (Hong Kong).
2002 Set up MIC (China).
2003 Started business with Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd.
2004 Set up MST (Thailand).
2007 Set up Murakami Kyushu Corporation (Fukuoka Prefecture).
2010 Set up Murakami Con-form Corporation (Shizuoka prefecture).
Moved the head office to Tenma-cho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka.
2011 Set up Jiaxing Olsa Murakami Corporation, a joint venture (China)

Opened Tsuiji Plant in Fujieda to expand the rear-view mirror production.
Jiaxing Murakami Ishizaki Corporation changed its name to Jiaxing Murakami Corporation In China.
Redefined the management philosophy to mark the 130th anniversary.
Set up PT. Murakami Delloyd Indonesia, a joint venture, in Indonesia.

2013 Set up Murakami Corporation (Thailand) Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary, in Thailand.
2014 Set up Murakami Manufacturing Mexico, S.A. de C.V., a wholly-owned subsidiary, in Mexico.
Murakami Seiki Corporation Dissolution.
2015 Opened European Branch Office in Germany.
Murakami Corporation (Hong Kong) Limited Dissolution.
2016 Murakami Con-form Corporation Shares Transfer.

Murakami Saikyu (Thailand) Co. Ltd., changed to wholly owned and its name changed to Murakami Mold Engineering (Thailand) Co. Ltd.

Set up Murakami Manufacturing India Private Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary, in India.

Set up Foshan Murakami Corporation in China, wholly-owned sub-subsidiary company for rear-view mirror production.
2017 Set up Murakami Germany GmbH, a wholly-owned subsidiary in Germany.

Set up Tianjin Murakami Corporation in China, wholly-owned sub-subsidiary company for rear-view mirror prduction.

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Shichiken-cho office in 1914 (Shichiken-cho, Shizuoka City)Shichiken-cho office in 1914 (Shichiken-cho, Shizuoka City)

Miyamoto-cho plant
in the late twentiesMiyamoto-cho plant in the late twenties
(chamfering of mirrors)

After World War II
(1948)After World War II (1948)

mounted on the first model of the Toyota CrownFirst rear-view mirror developed by Murakami (1959) mounted on the first model of the Toyota Crown

1960 first load 

MMUS (U.S.A) PlantMMUS (U.S.A) Plant

MMT (Thailand) PlantMMT (Thailand) Plant

MMET (Thailand) PlantMMET (Thailand) Plant

Tsuiji PlantTsuiji Plant

MDI (Indonesia) PlantMDI (Indonesia) Plant