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Management Philosophy and Vision

Murakami-Kaimeido was established in 1882, starting out manufacturing metallic furniture fixtures and glass plates for use in various construction projects. We have grown our business and now offer two main products: rear-view mirrors for automobiles and optical thin-film materials. We are continuing to grow our business, and do so by responding to the needs of our customers and the markets. We will always provide high quality / valuable products and services and apply all of our technical skills to benefit our customers.



Management Philosophy

We will serve people through our businesses

Through technologies, passion, and business activities in manufacturing, we will
bring people together, make society happier and help build a brighter future.


Management Vision

Murakami in the world

From Japan to the World - We will remain a leading manufacturer in the world of
Rear - View Mirrors and other Visibility Safety Systems.


Murakami in community

Making People Happier - We will help build a safe and comforting society for the
happiness of all people.


Murakami's Monozukuri

Committed to Innovation - We will seek innovations and explore new businesses.


Murakami that we work with

Making Employees Happier - We will remain a company that all Employees feel
happy working with.