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Exploring new frontiers

Murakami is a company that's developed by expanding into new businesses, meeting the
changes of the times for 130 years. Always committed to offering what people and society
demanded, we have gained their support and achieved today's growth. Now, we are at a major
turning point to become a company that serves people better.

In the Mirror System operations, our core business, the globalization of the automotive
industry and market changes are making it more and more vital for us to expand in Emerging
Countries and other overseas areas. In particular, considering demand in Asian markets, we
need to offer broader product lines that aren't a simple extension of what we have offered in
Japan. Looking hard at end-users' demands and developing strategies suited to each country,
we will not only meet the demand of automakers but also enhance our abilities to propose
solutions of our own.

Meanwhile, to develop our strength as an enterprise, it is urgent for us to expand into other
fields than the automotive industry, such as Opt-Electronics. By growing into a company that
serves people in more aspects of their lives and whose employees feel happy working there,
I'm convinced we will be able to best contribute to our community.

At the 130th anniversary of its foundation, Murakami is striving to successfully kick off the
next decades of its history. I look forward to your continued support and guidance.



President & CEO
Taro Murakami


President & CEO Taro Murakami