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<Products purchased by Murakami>

Murakami conducts transactions with a wide variety of vendors, from electronic components to plastic-molded and die-cast parts vendors. All components must be of high quality and performance. Additionally, they must be competitively priced and supplied stably.

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<Basic procurement policies>

1.Procurement based on the open door policy
The door is open to all potential vendors, domestic and overseas. Everyone will be treated in an equitable manner.
2.Mutual growth based on mutual trust
We wish to maintain a close communication with vendors to foster mutual trust and achieve mutual growth through long-term transactions.
3.Compliance with laws and regulations and treatment of information
・We will comply with related laws and regulations in conducting transactions.
・All information on vendors obtained through transactions is treated with as much caution as with in-house classified information to ensure confidentiality.

<Vendors Murakami wishes to do business with>

We cannot win customers' trust if we supply them with low quality and performance products even if they are inexpensive. Quality is the basic factor.
We wish to cooperate with our vendors to achieve internationally competitive prices through mutual trust.
To meet customers' requirements in a timely manner, stable supply of merchandise is essential with no delayed deliveries.
Vendors are requested to work together with Murakami to develop new techniques and methods for quality and cost breakthroughs.