From the President

Providing “Visible and Perceptual Reassurance” for a New Era with Innovative Products and Solutions
For 140 years, Murakami Corporation has continued to transition along with the times to venture into challenging new fields, enhance our technological capabilities, and provide products that contribute to the safety, security, and comfort of society, such as through our automotive safety visibility systems.

In recent years, our business environment and the very structure of the automotive industry have been changed dramatically. We intend to meet these challenges head on, and in addition to strengthening the competitiveness of our existing businesses, we endeavor to create new businesses and implement measures to realize sustainable growth for Murakami Group.

Another major challenge responding to global climate change and other environmental issues, in addition to adapting to lifestyle changes caused by the novel coronavirus. Our vision for our 150th anniversary is "visible and perceptual reassurance" for a new era, and we are committed to creating new products and technologies that meet evolving needs for safety, security, and comfort.

We at Murakami Corporation strive to be a company that “serves people” in local communities and throughout the world. Utilizing the trust and cutting-edge technology we have built over the years as a safety visibility systems manufacturer, we will continue to create innovative products and solutions that guarantee safety, security, comfort, and healthy living, and can help to solve our most pressing environmental issues.

We are ever grateful for your continued support and encouragement.
October 2022
President/CEOTaro Murakami
代表取締役社長 村上太郎 近影

Company Outline

Company name Murakami Corporation
Head office location 11-5 Tenma-cho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka, 420-8550, Japan
Foundation 1882
Establishment March 27, 1948
Capital 3,165 million yen
Stock market Standard Market in Tokyo Stock Exchange
Stock code: 7292
Number of employees (Consolidated) 3,501 (As of March 31, 2023)

Executives (As of April 1, 2024)


President/CEO Taro Murakami
Executive Director Takeshi Hasegawa
Director Tatsuya Sugisawa
Director Masahide Hirasawa
Director Yutaka Hattori
Director Rieko Iizuka
Director Atsushi Kasuya
Director Hiroaki Matsuda
Outside director Seigo Iwasaki
Outside director Koichi Chikaraishi
Outside director Yumiko Ashiwa
Outside director Yasuo Goto


Auditor Kunio Masui
Outside auditor Toru Sakurai
Outside auditor Tetsuo Okitsu

Executive officers

Managing executive officer Akira Yoshinaga
Managing executive officer Masahiro Shimamura
Managing executive officer Tatsunori Hoshino
Managing executive officer Yoshinori Aoshima
Managing executive officer Kenta Maeda
Executive officer Yoshinobu Ikegaya
Executive officer Hiroaki Magaribuchi
Executive officer Masashi Ishigaki