Basic Philosophy

At Murakami Corporation, our basic philosophy is “flexibility in uncertain times and transparency in management.” To that end, Corporate Governance is one of our management team’s highest priorities.
We treat disclosure with the utmost importance in order to build a relationship of trust with investors and stakeholders. Management strives for transparency through the proactive and open release of information, including press releases to the Tokyo Securities Exchange and media outlets, interview requests and timely updates to the company website.
We have also set Personal Information Management Regulations to further earn your trust, which consists of rules and a management apparatus safe handling of all sensitive information.

Key Policy

  1. Secure the rights and equality of all shareholders while providing the appropriate environment for free exercise of those rights.
  2. Work closely together with all other stakeholders, including, but not limited to customers, clients, creditors, local communities and employees.
  3. Provide transparency and proactive disclosure of information above and beyond what is simply legally mandated.
  4. The duty of the Board of Directors is act decisively in conducting transparent, fair, speedy and decision-making.
  5. Maintain a productive line of communication with shareholders.

Corporate Governance Structure