Murakami Corporation Corporate Charter

<Murakami Corporation CSR Policy> Promoting Health, Trust and Harmony

We believe every business has an obligation to benefit society at large by generating added value through honest and fair competition as well as creating employment opportunities and driving economic development. As a corporate citizen with strong moral values, Murakami Corporation strives to respect human rights, comply with all applicable laws and regulations, and operate in good faith to benefit society while protecting our environment.

These ideals have been incorporated into our Corporate Charter as follows:


1. Earn the satisfaction and trust of clients, partners, consumers and society by providing safe, value-generating products and services.


2. Conduct all business dealings with fairness, transparency, and in the spirit of the free market while maintaining healthy relationships with local governments and administrators.


3. Communicate to society through our shareholders corporate information in a proactive and honest manner while thoroughly protecting all personal and sensitive information including that of customers and clients.

Human Rights / Labor

4. Secure a safe and comfortable working environment that fosters diversity among executives and employees and respect everyone as an individual.


5. Recognize that environmental issues are issues that humankind must face together and incorporate this mindset into all business activity.


6. Strive to meet societal expectations and benefit both the local and international community in our role as a good corporate citizen.

Opposition to Anti-social Groups

7. Actively reject any connection or dealings with anti-social groups who threaten the safety of the people or disrupt the social order.

International Community

8. Work to benefit the economic development of all countries and regions in which we operate through global business practices that comply with local laws, show respect for human rights and societal norms, and operate with the diverse cultures, customs and interests of our stakeholders at heart.

Internal and External Development

9. Top management will embody the spirit of this Charter and through their actions, serve as an example throughout our group and to all our clients of the ideals contained within while remaining aware of and responding to feedback, both internal and external, to establish an effective corporate structure.

Risk Management

10. Should any situation arise that runs contrary to the spirit of this Charter, top management will immediately make known, both internally and externally, their intention to resolve the issue, uncover the root cause, and take preventative measures against any recurrence. Management shall also be responsible for timely and accurate notification of the public, and once authority and responsibility is clarified, be prepared for appropriate disciplinary action.