Murakami Corporation was founded in 1882 as a producer of furniture fittings and architectural sheet glass. Since then, we have expanded to develop automotive safety visibility systems and optical coating products and continue to venture into new business fields. Our ever-present goal is to evolve with the changing times and provide valuable products and services by leveraging our technological capabilities.


Murakami Corporation aims to “serve people” through our corporate activities.

Safety, Security, and Comfort are at the core of all products and services that we deliver in our efforts to strengthen our “connection” with and bring “joy” to society in hopes of a brighter future.

Corporate Motto


A healthy mind is nurtured by a healthy body. A healthy body begets a healthy spirit. Company development, service to society, and stability in one’s personal life are all founded in good health.


Trust is the foundation of everything we do. Be courteous, understand other points of view, and work with sincerity. From this, trust is born. We always strive to improve our work and foster personal development. This improvement leads directly to stronger trust.


Take pride in a promoting a friendly and cheerful workplace. Maintain rules and order, always practice gratitude and inner reflection, and let individuality shine through. Let each individual actualize their ideals through their work.

Our objective is to leverage company development towards improving the lives of our employees and contributing to the welfare of our customers and of society.


Clear reassurance inspires your actions

“Clear reassurance” allows more freedom in how people can act.
Under the philosophy of “serving people,” we seek to eliminate everyday anxiety and indecision caused by visual impairment using our technology to realize a freer, more active society.


Create innovative products and solutions to challenge for the future of mobility &
make a positive impact to people's lives and environment

Drawing upon the long history of knowhow we have accumulated since our founding, along with the trust built as a safety visibility systems manufacturer, and fused with our cutting-edge technology, we will continue to develop and deliver sensory enhancing solutions that contribute to the safety, security and comfort of all people, promote healthy lifestyles, and help solve environmental issues.