Hybrid Interior Rearview Mirror

Allows for a clear view behind the car

  1. Can function as both a mirror and high-visibility monitor in well-lit environments (includes failsafe)
  2. Excellent visibility under a variety of conditions (luggage in backseat, rainy weather, nighttime, etc.)
  3. Rearview camera and backup camera can be displayed on the monitor simultaneously

Display Specifications

Item Value
Size W246×H84×D52
Brightness 2000cd/㎡
Resolution 1280×294
Dual-functionality as high-visibility monitor and mirror

Water Sliding Coating Technology

In 1998, Murakami Corporation established the addition of water sliding coating technology to glass surfaces in the development of rearview mirror and other visibility products. More recently, we have applied biomimetics to create water sliding coating technology in order to meet evolving needs and applications. Our water sliding coating technology makes water droplets or high viscosity fluids spread into a thin film and is designed with high durability in mind. This has a wide variety of applications that can deliver solutions bringing safety, security and comfort.

*Based on research and development done in cooperation with SNT Corporation.

Possibilities of water sliding coating technology
Water sliding coating technology comparison