The Murakami Corporation Corporate Charter states under Safety & Quality, that we strive to “earn the satisfaction and trust of clients, partners, consumers and society by providing safe, value-generating products and services.” Our Global Quality Policy seeks to realize these ideals and put customers first.
Global Quality
We put customers first with a quality assurance system backed by the full trust of Murakami Group.
*All facets of Murakami Group, foreign and domestic.

Murakami Corporation Quality Assurance

Murakami Corporation pursues safety and quality assurance based on two main philosophies:

Quality Born from Process

“Maintain the integrity of every process, and never send a suboptimal result to the next stage.” This philosophy is applied to every process from design, to pre-production, to manufacturing, and every action taken by our workers is done with quality in mind.
Concept of Quality Assurance

Quality Governance

At Murakami Corporation, quality assurance directors along with the Quality Assurance Division oversee plans, adjustments, progress and audits covering at all our global companies. Global quality assurance policy is further developed at each company to promote autonomous quality-focused practices, and quality-related KPI are regularly reported back to the Quality Assurance Division for approval or initiation of necessary auditing.
Quality Governance

Quality Management System Certification

At Murakami Corporation, we strive to continuously improve our Quality Management System, which is built upon ISO9001 and IATF16949 standards.

ISO9001 and IATF16949 Acquisition Status

  ISO9001 IATF16949
Murakami Corporation Mirror systems bussiness
OPT-electronics business
Murakami Kyushu Corporation
Murakami East Japan Corporation
Eiji Corporation
Murakami Ampas (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Murakami Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Murakami Manufacturing U.S.A. Inc.
Murakami Manufacturing Mexico, S.A. de C.V.
PT. Murakami Delloyd Indonesia
Murakami Manufacturing India Private Limited


Our philosophy of “Quality born from process” drives us to aim for zero flaws In our product by having every department work in unison from design to manufacture.
  • DR and DRBFM with the cooperation of all departments concerning production technology, quality management, procurement, manufacturing
  • Establishment of quality conditions within standard production timelines through cooperation of production technology manufacturing, and quality management
  • Confirmation by Manufacturing Department of daily management to maintain quality conditions
  • Auditing and approval by Quality Management Department of quality condition management
Step-by-step quality verification

Step-by-step quality verification

Related departments work together every step of the way from design, to prototyping, to preproduction and production to verify quality.
Reliability tests

Reliability tests

Highly skilled staffs conduct utilize precisely testing equipment to assess quality in terms of regulatory and customer-driven specifications.
Production process completion verification

Production process completion verification

Under the guidance of quality directors, all related departments participate in design, production technology, quality management, production management and manufacturing to verify the thoroughness of the entire process.

Quality Improvement Initiatives

At Murakami Corporation, we conduct education for new employees and at every level in the organization. As a group, we also undergo continuous quality improvement efforts, such as our Quality Control Circle, along with regular holdings of internal briefings and the Global Quality Control Conference.
Five Whys Practical Training

Five Whys Practical Training

Educational activity takes place at every level within the Manufacturing and Quality Management departments.
Global Quality Control Conference

Global Quality Control Conference

Representatives at regional bases (Thailand, China, Indonesia, USA and Mexico) join us in Japan to report the results of daily quality control circle activities. (Due to the coronavirus, conferences in 2020 and 2021 were held online as award ceremonies.)