Contributing to the Society - Donating Benches


Social Contribution Activities

As part of our community contribution activities, we recently donated three benches to the “Fureai Hiroba at Hyodayu, (FHH)” to which we had previously donated flower planters.
The FHH is located within a minute's walk from our Fujieda Plant and is used for local festivals, athletic meets, grand golf, and so forth. Recently, however, some events were canceled due to the spreading virus of COVID-19, and FHH had become a bit quiet. The installation of the benches has made FHH more colorful, and the neighborhood residents are very pleased for the new breeze to their society.
We will continue to provide support to the community in the hope that FHH will be used as a place for community interaction.
*Fureai Hiroba at Hyodayu (FHH) – it is a community playground at the district of Hyodayu in Fujieda City.