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Environmental Activity

●Environmental Activity

We are, and always will, engage in environmental protection, so that our fragile and irreplaceable natural surrounds may be enjoyed by future generations.


●Environmental Policy

Murakami carries out Environmental activities to pursuit “comfortable Monozukuri that is kind to people and the earth”, we aim to be a company that “Serves people” through our business.

  1. Comply with environmental laws, regulations and prevention of environmental pollution.
    We will comply with environmental laws, regulations and promote the prevention of environmental pollution.
  2. Environmentally conscious product development and production activities.
    From the product development stage, we will take into consideration environment harmful substances, energy saving and recycling, and will implement production activities that can be preserved.
  3. Coexistence with the local community.
    We value ties with local community through our environmental activities and environmental contribution activities.

April 1st, 2020.


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Taro Murakami,
President & CEO
Murakami Corporation


ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems

●Our participation and compliance
We began working towards ISO 14001 certification in January 2001. We first obtained certification in December 2001, and are continuing to maintain this certification today. Our certification encompasses all of our domestic affiliated companies.
●Our participation and compliance
Registration details
Date: December 21, 2001
●Certifying organization
PJR(Perry Johnson Registrars)
●Certified offices and subsidiaries
Eleven offices including six affiliated companies.